Monday, July 18, 2011

Waiting For The Sun

there are 5 challenge photos today.  it wasn't that i didn't want to complete the challenges but i'm dead set on doing them in order and i had to wait until a day with sun before being able to take a sunflare photo.  no sun for at least 5 days, can you believe it?!  it's july, people!

Day 23: Sunflare

check it out - i'm holding the sun!

Day 24: Animal

does bubba the 15-year-old newt count as an animal or are reptiles not animals?  i always forget...

Day 25: Something pink

so many strangers comment on what cute boys we have and i just can't help being bothered by it.  what bothers me even more is the thought of dressing my little girl in head-to-toe pink just so people won't think she's a boy.  we broke down and bought the coolest bright pink shoes we could find, but the comments continued.  it's not that i don't like pink, i wear pink myself, i just don't like that she has to for unobservant people to figure out she's actually a female.  anyway, they just got too small, and i'm gonna miss them.  they looked good on her.  we searched high and low for shoes without gems, sparkles, flowers & butterflies recently and came up with nothing under $50, so we bought the same shoes as above only in black.  then we taught elliott that when he hears someone call molly a "he" to say, "she's a GIRL!"

Day 26: Close-up
i like those hairy little fellas.

Day 27: From a distance

yes, this was lazy, but i'm also excited about it because it shoes that from my porch i can see the flags of the great canadian superstore.  we are close enough to walk.  it takes 15 minutes from my door.  as a non-motor vehicle driver this makes me very happy!

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