Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Happens Every Time

i announce to elliott and molly, "i'll be right back, i have to go to the washroom."
molly drops whatever she's doing, sprints in front of me into the bathroom and lifts the toilet seat.
she points to the toilet and says, "sit?"
she points in the toilet and says, "pee?"
she then starts snorting because she sees the toilet paper and wants to blow her nose.  i help her.
then she walks over to the drawer where we keep our toothbrushes and says, "sheee?" which is how she says "teeth" because she wants to brush them.
when i'm finished using the restroom she closes the toilet seat for me and jiggles the handle until i flush.
she rubs her hands together and says, "shhhh," which is the sound the water makes when she washes her hands, to remind me to wash my hands.
she's a good little helper, she's got the routine down better than elliott does.  i'm surprised she doesn't hold her hand out afterwards for a tip.

photo challenge pictures to come later... i'm feeling lazy...
and i don't know what today's "long exposure" challenge means and i don't have time to go look it up.

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