Friday, July 8, 2011


i'm playing catch-up and posting days 14-17 of the photo challenge all in one post.
on one hand this would be easier if i didn't have children because i could just go anywhere and take pictures of anything for as long as i wanted.  on the other hand, they're always here to use as my subjects. they sometimes move a little too quickly but that's because they eat sugar for breakfast.  no they don't.  but you'd think they did sometimes.

day 14: eyes

i'm sorry they're the saddest ones ever, but there's something about teary eyes that is so beautiful.

day 15: silhouette

is it just me or is silhouette a crazy way to spell a word?
i didn't make this a completely blacked out silhouette because i needed to be able to still see that ruffle bum!

day 16: long exposure

i had to look that up but i was glad i did, i like learning new tricks.  that was fun, elliott enjoyed it, too.

day 17: technology

sheesh.  keyboards these days aren't even a half inch thick.  how do they do that?!

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