Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love Hair

it's been 4 years since being a receptionist in a hair salon, and what i miss most (besides the amazing hairdressers i became friends with) are the oodles of current hair magazines i was able to peruse on slow days.  some came straight from suppliers with the new trends in cuts and colours, some were left by clients, some were bought by ourselves to add to the pile after we clipped what we wanted from them.  i miss seeing all those different styles every day, especially now that my hair is actually getting long enough to try some of the cute braids, ponytails and up-do's.
through pinterest i've been able to see hair photos and ideas without having to fork out $5.95 for a hairstyle magazine, and i recently stumbled upon this great blog full of easy hair-how-to's.  she even has an e-book you can buy online full of pictures of how to have a new cute hairstyle every day for 30 days.  i'm very tempted!
watch her first hair video!  i'm going to go try this one out, i believe it's called "the classic twist and pin" :)
and look how great some of these styles are!  genius.  i can't wait until my hair is a little longer so i can try more cute hair-do's!

- update -

i tried.  i did okay... right?  it looks cute from the front and sides, from the back it reminds me of a technique my mom used to use to make our hair curly when i was a kid...

3 things i've learned i need:
  1. longer hair
  2. wayyy more practice.  what took her one minute in the video took me about 10.  i don't really know how i'm suppose to secure those twists so easily with bobby pins...
  3. brown bobby pins!  at least they'll camouflage a little more.

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