Sunday, September 11, 2011


today's "draw your favourite animal" drawing challenge made me feel like i was doing a grade school project.  my favourite animal has always been cats.  "c-a-t" was the first word i learned how to spell, taught to me by my older sister and brother while sitting in our car in the church parking lot after church, waiting for my parents to finish their coffee and visits.
when i was still quite young my brother brought home a kitten after hanging out at a friends house one day, it needed a home and steve decided ours would be a good one.  somehow we also ended up with the kittens sister, too.  between the two of them they had a few batches of kittens that we raised and found good homes for, cats were a part of my life for a long time.  colin's, too.  i'm glad i married a man who shares my love of cats.
colin and i had a kitten just after we were married, but she ran out into the street and was hit by a car a few months before elliott was born.  it broke my heart, she had a very special place in my heart.
when elliott was 4 months old we bought another but he was way too rambunctious to keep at our house so my parents adopted him for us (thanks mom and dad!)
we visit the kittens at the pet store all the time, elliott tries to get them to lick his fingers and molly giggles and talks to them like they're babies.  i don't think she's old enough to know not to carry them around by their tail and avoid stepping on them, so for now we'll hold off.  perhaps in another year or so, i think she'll be a little wiser at 2 1/2.
anyway, without further adieu, kittens:
Day 2: Favourite Animal

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  1. Cute I love your kittens. And I love the ball of yarn.