Friday, September 16, 2011


here he is on our wedding day in june of 2007, my best friend, my husband.

Day 5: Best Friend
because it's a more detailed piece and it's been a busy week, i took an extra couple of days to finish this one.  the 30 day drawing challenge will not be completed in 30 days unless i can rush a couple and catch up ;)
the one thing this challenge is missing is direction as far as style, media, getting me out of my pencil-drawing comfort zone, so every once in awhile i try a new way of drawing to see how it fits.  it bothers me to know it won't always work out but i'll post them anyway because a challenge is a challenge.


  1. Lovely! But didn't you guys get married in 2006?

  2. wow, you are so so talented. you should be famous.