Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Live Interior 3D

one year for my birthday (or for christmas, i can't remember now) my husband's brother and his wife bought me one of the most thoughtful gifts i've ever received, design software for mac where you can design homes and interiors called live interior 3D (standard edition).  it's a little dated, the finishes and furniture aren't current but with a little fiddling you can change the sizes of everything and paint it whatever colour and make it look great.
it's so much fun, it's my favourite thing to do if i have an hour here and there to fiddle around on the computer.  i've used it to virtually redecorate and rearrange furniture in our house (to help visualize it before doing any of the work), i used it when we were thinking of building a home and i turned a simple 2D website floor plan into a 3D model on my screen and plugged in all of our furniture to see if it would be a good layout and fit us and all of our things comfortably, and lastly (and my favourite) i've used it to come up with dream homes for me and my family, filled them up with furniture and made the colours and finishes everything we would love if we, say, won a lottery and could build a custom home some day.
here is my latest creation, a 3 bed + den 2.5 bath rancher, to give you a taste of what this program can do:


Dining & Living Room

Open-concept Kitchen, Dining, Living Room

Side & Back Yard

Master Bedroom

it's a rancher but looks kinda like an open concept loft inside, we love exposed brick, large windows.  the pool was just an added day-dream because hey - why not?!  if someone gave us a million dollars today this is what we'd build.
now to go virtually build more!  it's so fun!

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