Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music and a Meal - Crazy Awesome BBQ Sauce

today allow me to introduce you to MusicChef, aka. my brother-in-law (or, as i prefer to call him, my bro-law, and i'm his siz-law).  his two biggest life passions (aside from his love for his wife, son, and baby-on-the-way) are music and cooking.  recently he launched a facebook group called "music and a meal" where he posts photos of meals he's made, recipes, and how-to videos.
i've had a few of his dishes and they've all been delish, especially his lasagna (post that recipe next, please ry!)
to give you an idea of the kinds of food he loves to make, a few photos of meals he's made:
new york sirloin, pan fried then oven roasted, served with pan seared potato shred, roasted seasonal vegetables and a balsamic reduction drizzle
seasoned, pan-seared chicken breast and prawns served on a bed of basmati rice with a red curry coconut and chive cream sauce
here's his debut "music and a meal" video, his "crazy awesome bbq sauce" on youtube, where he shows you how to cook some crazy awesome bbq sauce in under 5 minutes to one of his favourite songs:

if you enjoyed his video please share it, leave him a comment, and like his facebook page!

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