Saturday, May 19, 2012

Colourful Nature

lately something the husband and i really love doing is taking our kids on nature walks.  molly seems to love them too, but sometimes elliott seems to not stop asking, "can we go home now?" long enough to enjoy himself.  so, on this beautiful sunny mid-may day, we tried to come up with a way for him to stay entertained and enjoy nature, and that's when i stumbled across a great blog post about taking a colour walk.  the idea is simple, to make a list of colours to find in nature.  we chose 10:

elliott did the colours himself, can you tell?
and then we decided to take it to the next level and give him our old digital camera to capture his findings along the way.  the quality of photos may not be their usual... like i said, this is from our old camera and the photographer was a 4 year old ;)

red (ish)
light blue (the sky)
dark blue
(some rocks looked dark blue in comparison to the dirt and other rocks,
though this picture doesn't quite do it justice)
dark brown (the dirt)
light brown (the pinecone)
grey (the rocks)
and we didn't hear "can we go home now?" until the end of our hour-long walk as our car came into view.  it was a beautiful day!

tree-climbing elliott, photographer and colour-seeker extraordinaire
fern shadows on ferns (i took this one, not elliott;)