Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rich is Lief

i have a cousin named rich who i haven't seen since i was too little to remember (i've seen pictures), he's my dad's brother's son.  my dad just sent me and my siblings an email that rich lives in taiwan and has a great blog that we should check out.  i wasn't expecting this, this is amazing!  it's all about his life in taiwan (his name there if lief, he's married and has 2 boys, as far as i can tell), photographs (many photos have made it to magazine and newspaper covers), information, taiwan's culture, nature and people.  his photography skills are wonderful, and he's a great writer, he offers a neat perspective living there and being immersed in the culture that you may not find just traveling.

Bicycle in alley near Grand Matsu Temple, Tainan City, Taiwan

his son, vaji, at 1 year 6 months

his blog: LiefInTaiwan

his photography portfolio is also worth checking out: Rich Matheson Photography (gallery)

i've never been to taiwan and, to be honest, i've never really been all that interested, but this blog makes me really want to go take it all in.  take a look!
the link will be in my "favourite links" section from now on as well if you'd like to keep up with new posts.

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