Monday, August 29, 2011

He's Four?!

birthdays.  they just keep coming.  every year feels like it went by faster than the last.
yesterday we celebrated elliott's fourth birthday.  we had a great day - had a pancake breakfast at denny's, played some games and won some prizes at chuck-e cheese's, came home to fly a new g.i.joe kite in the field across the street, had mac 'n' cheese for lunch, played lego for a couple hours, and had a birthday party with all of elliott's grandparents.  he was a spoiled and very happy boy, a whole day of his favourite things, and we were more than happy to give that to him.
i can't believe how much he's grown and changed in the past year.  he's learned so many new things (recognizing letters, simple math, rhyming, opposites, and countless wii games that he's got mastered - talk about hand-eye-coordination!), he's a lot more calm, listens great to direction, has a better understanding of the rules (and less desire to break them as often).  he's a sweet and generous big brother (most of the time), has the most creative imagination i've ever come across, he's got an ever-developing sense of humour (now including knock-knock jokes), and now he knows all about soccer from the summer soccer course he attended recently.  he still loves to cuddle, he still loves pancakes and mac 'n' cheese the most, he still has a never-ending abundance of energy, and he's still easy to get a great gut laugh out of.  he'll say something so wise and he'll seem so big one minute, and then he sprints across the field and still looks so teeny when he's far away.  it's hard to imagine one day he'll be graduating, buying a house, getting married, having kids of his own!  i'm content to slow down and enjoy every day with him.  he's hilarious, he's sweet, and he's mine <3
happy fourth birthday, elliott, i look forward to seeing what new changes this year brings!

One year old
Two years old
Three years old 
Four years old

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