Thursday, December 6, 2012

She Sleeps

My darling 2.75 year old daughter has a very good grasp on the English language.  Her ever-growing vocabulary surprises me every day, and most of the time she can pronounce the words so that most people can understand her (if she talks loudly enough for them to hear her).  There are, however, a few that she does not pronounce quite right yet that make me giggle every time, here are a few:

Delicious = 'Licious
Drawing = Drawling (her brother said the same thing for a long time)
Scrumptious = Scrumpish
Tomato = 'Mato
Computer = 'Puter-game (although she doesn't play games on the computer)
Volcano = 'Cano (you'd be surprised how much volcano's come up in conversation in our house)
Piano = Playno
Grandpa = Kappa (she does know how to say "Grandpa" almost perfectly but chooses to call her grandpa Kappa instead)
Strawberry = Strawbstrawbry (this one makes me laugh, and she loves Strawberry Shortcake so she says this one a lot)
The Man in the Yellow Hat (from Curious George): Lellow Hat (like that's his name)
Macaroni and Cheese = 'Roni
Medicine = Ledison
Lemonade = Lemelade
Yogurt = Yergret

I love these pronunciations so much I don't correct her, she'll figure it out in time.

For the last year or so she's been skipping her naps, sometimes she'll have one nap in her bed at nap time during the week, sometimes three, sometimes none.  On the days when she doesn't nap, by the time 4:30pm rolls around she'll sometimes nod off wherever she may be at the time.
Here are the pictures I've taken of her having naps in strange situations over the last year:

A Year Of Naps

Corn Chowder Nap
Bending Over Couch Nap
Sleeping on Mommy & Daddy's Bed Nap
Half On Half Off Couch Nap
Mid-colouring Nap
Nap on Mommy
Stylish Nap
Technology Nap
Airplane Nap #1
Hawaiian Holiday Nap #1
Hawaiian Holiday Nap #2
Airplane Nap #2
Christmas Tree Nap
Toys On Brother's Floor Nap
Barbie Nap
Grandma's Car Nap

And she isn't the only one:

Mid-Snack Nap

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  1. So cute! My little girl is about the same age ( 3 at the end of march) and she says some of the same things! love the " lellow hat". We are sad that regular naps seem to be a thing of the past, but marvel at the hilarious nap positions that she'll end up in when she's THAT tired. We've had a few " mid drawing naps". so so cute!