Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Girl With A Dream {Home}

i've been thinking a lot about kitchens.  does anyone else do this; obsess about home design and google kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms?  i sure do, i can't help it.  i've been trying to decide if i could choose my own kitchen finishes, what would i pick?  would i go with something light and bright, or something dark and trendy?

light, or...
...maybe both?
...or neither??
i don't know which i prefer, i like them all, i can't decide.  i'm just so sick of pine, pine, pine, i can't even express how much!  and brown speckled countertops, yuck.  if we owned this basement suite we're in and were staying put here for awhile (which i don't think we are) we'd definitely put in some durable brown wood laminate flooring, paint out the cupboards (light, probably, to keep things bright since we have no sunlight) and change out the countertops (concrete would be a dream).

i've been trying to put a name to my design style, which is a little tricky because it seems to change every day depending on whose blog i've been reading or what design sites i've been perusing.  through my searches i think i've come up with it - "minimalist modern rustic".  if i could (and hopefully i will get a chance to someday) choose, from scratch, what my home would be like, i would aim for something like so: rustic beams, clean lines, huge windows, natural stone, and really comfy textured fabrics & cushy rugs.  i think it would feel relaxing and spa-like (maybe even when life is not).

here is my real dream house, the first house i've found that i like almost every single part of, right down to their furniture choices:

it may not be large, but it's clean.  i love it.  in fact, any and all of the modular homes at hive modular would be just fine with me.  i should work there, i'd be in heaven.  or at the very least get paid for advertising ;)  if we could afford one of these babies i'd be all over it!
thanks for humouring me and spending a minute inside my brain.  it's fun to dream, isn't it?


  1. I love it too! I can definitely see you OR me living in this space. :)

  2. I do it too. I always look on home design blogs...well mainly Apartment Therapy...and save photos for when we can afford to get all the cool stuff! I have quite the collection of photos!