Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Snowing!

okay, so if you're in the lower mainland it's not really snowing right now (unfortunately!) but if you have a mac you can pretend it is!  check out this FREE snowy screen saver: Snowfall!

follow the link and click "download now".  when the downloads window opens wait for it to finish and then click the little magnifying glass icon on the right to show in finder.  drag the icon to your desktop.
then open your finder (the faces icon in your taskbar), click on your hard drive icon on the left (mine's called macintosh HD), click library and drag the screen saver icon from your desktop into the screen savers folder.
to set the screen saver, find your "system preferences" (grey icon with a light switch and an apple) either in your taskbar or through finder > applications > system preferences.  click desktop & screen saver, then snowfall.  you can change the background colour in options, and choose whether you want stripes or not.  enjoy!

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