Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wrap It Up

most people will probably think i'm crazy for saying what i'm about to say, but one of the things i look most forward to every year is wrapping christmas presents.  we try to stick with a cohesive theme, whether it be completely matching or at least coordinating with all the separate gifts that hang out under our tree until we give them out.  it looks better that way.  this year i plan to step it up a notch and get creative because it's barely november and we've already almost finished our christmas shopping, so there's time to take a little more time wrapping.
here are my favourite gift wrapping & tag ideas from martha stewart.  thanks martha!

green satin & brown ribbon
red bell "holly berries"
woven tissue strips (also works well with ribbon)
button stamped paper and a pretty button tied on with baker's twine
monogram tags from old christmas cards
felt leaf gift toppers
and my all-time favourite idea to keep it cheap is to use brown kraft paper and jazz it up with your ribbons, bows and what-have-you.  at $1 per roll it saves wrapping paper money (which i don't factor in to my shopping budget, do you?)
there are so many great ideas and instructions on how to do it yourself, i could have posted almost every single one but these were my top picks for the shape & size gifts i have to wrap this year.
i hope she leaves you inspired, too!